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Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Consciousness

Chambers recognises the impact it has on the wider environment, and aims to reduce this where possible, by recycling, energy conservation, or using alternative transport. 42BR is committed and passionate about acting responsibly as barristers, staff and as an organisation. This includes considering the effect we have on our community, the environment and within the legal profession. We want to make a positive impact, while minimising our carbon and waste footprint. Here are some of the ways we are putting this into action.

  • We securely recycle paper, computer equipment, ink cartridges etc, and encourage all to re-use and share binders, so as not to create any unnecessary waste.
  • In our break-out areas, we have eliminated single-use plastics in-house and for our events, providing our staff, members, clients and visitors with re-usable cutlery, dishes and glassware. 
  • Throughout our building, we have motion sensor lighting. Not only to ensure we aren’t wasting electricity, but for the safety of our staff members.
  • We encourage employees and members to cycle to Chambers by providing storage facilities, as well as giving grants and/or loans with which to purchase a bike.

Outreach and Social Mobility

We work with Advocate to provide legal representation to those with deserving cases who cannot afford to pay for our services. We actively encourage our barristers to use their professional legal knowledge to benefit those who are disadvantaged, under privileged or have difficulties in accessing legal advice.

The London Legal Walk takes place annually to raise funds for London Legal Support Trust, the Free Representation Unit, and Advocate. These bodies make a valuable contribution to preventing homelessness, resolving debt problems, gaining care for the elderly and disabled, and fighting exploitation. 42BR take part each year in a bid to raise awareness.

We are a part of the 10,000 Black Interns programme, which is designed as an initiative to give young Black people in the United Kingdom a head start in building their career, by offering paid work experience across a wide range of industries. Our interns will have the opportunity to shadow our barristers across our core practice areas. We provide support, training and development opportunities, creating a sustainable cycle of mentorship for the Black community.

Chambers is an accredited London Living Wage employer. This means that all employees and contracted staff will be paid at or above a minimum hourly rate which is set annually by the Living Wage Foundation and calculated by the Greater London Authority.

Please contact our Chambers Director, Vincent Denham, if you have any suggestions of charities you would like 42BR to support.


Awards & Recognition

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