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Our Pupillages in London: A Successful Route to the Bar.

Pupillage is the final stage of the route to qualification at the Bar, in which a pupil gains practical training under the supervision of an experienced barrister. Pupillage is divided into two parts: the non-practising six months during which pupils shadow their pupilmasters; and the second, “practising” six months when pupils may advise and exercise rights of audience on their own account. All those who are called to the Bar must complete 12 months of pupillage before – at last – becoming fully qualified as a practitioner at the independent Bar or an employed barrister.

In the first six months of pupillage, we expect our pupils to see the broad range of chambers’ work. A pupil who expresses a special interest in a particular area of our work will of course be accommodated wherever possible.

At 42 Bedford Row, our second-six pupils can expect to appear in court in their own right on average three times per week.


Chambers recruits two fully funded twelve-month pupils each year. Recruitment will be, in the first instance, through the Pupillage Gateway. In the unlikely event that we were to fail to fill our pupillage vacancies through the Pupillage Gateway, the remaining place(s) would be filled after public advertisement.

The point of contact is the Chambers Pupillage Secretary. Please refer any queries (by email please) to the Pupillage Committee: a member of the committee will reply as promptly as possible. All such queries should be addressed to: pupillage@42br.com
Where the need arises to recruit a third-six pupil, any such vacancy will be openly advertised.


Fee income derived in the second six months of pupillage is additional to the pupillage award. Pupils who start with us in October 2018 will receive an award of £28,800 and in addition we guarantee earnings (NB. not receipts) in the second six months of £15,000. The awards are reviewed annually.

Tenancy following Pupillage

At 42 Bedford Row we have an excellent record of recruiting tenants from our own pupils; we believe in investing in our pupils and offering tenancy to all those who demonstrate that they have the skills required to become effective and successful members of chambers. We operate an Equality and Diversity policy that is adhered to during the pupillage selection process and throughout pupillage itself.



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