Selected cases

  • Rabino v AE Abbiss Ltd. [2014] – defined boundary application under the Land Registration Act 2002 concerning agricultural land
  • R v Lloyd [2014] -Woolwich Crown Court (5 day trial) – successful fraud prosecution for local authority
  • R v Budziszewski [2014] – Oxford Crown Court (5 day trial) – successful defence in case of defendant accused of racially aggravated public order offences
    [2014] – representing a property developer in relation to a prosecution for the unauthorised demolition of a building in a conservation area- persuading the relevant council to drop the prosecution after the first appearance for legal and factual reasons
  • Frou Holdings Ltd. v Cadogan Estates [2013] – application and appeal in leasehold enfranchisement case
  • Taylor v Bradshaw [2013] – representing a defendant in possession action with counterclaim in proprietary estoppel
  • R v Eze & Offormezie [2013] – Croydon Crown Court (6 day trial) – successful prosecution of right to buy fraud
    [2013] – First-Tier Tribunal – appeal against revocation of licence for house in multiple occupation
  • R v Pariola [2013] – Woolwich Crown Court – successful prosecution of employee accused of fraud
  • R v Read & Butler [2013] -Oxford Crown Court (7 day trial) –defending in a case of fraud and the forgery of a TR1 in relation to the sale of a property
  • [2013] – Croydon Employment Tribunal – successful representation of applicant in a disability discrimination case
  • [2013] – successfully negotiating with police and licensing authority at a police station on behalf of nightclub owners to ensure that their licence was not reviewed
  • [2013] – advising defendant contractor in prosecution brought by the Environment Agency for carrying out unauthorised works on a riverbank, which was withdrawn following negotiations
  • Najmzadeh v Najmzadeh [2010-2013] – long running case for the Claimant in the County Court in relation to the enforcement of a possession order and charging order involving multiple applications and appeals to the High Court and Court of Appeal made by the Defendant- all the hearings in the case were concluded successfully in favour of the Claimant
  • R v Henderson-Charles [2012] – Woolwich Crown Court (4 day trial) – successful fraud prosecution for local authority
  • R v Clissold [2012] – Woolwich Crown Court (2 day trial) – successful fraud prosecution for local authority
  • R v Trevor Mitchell [2012] – Woolwich Crown Court – successful fraud prosecution for local authority
  • Power v WODC [2012] – Oxford Crown Court -successful appeal against sentence imposed for non-compliance with planning enforcement notices in respect of property
  • [2012] – successfully persuading CPS to withdraw case against a client, a chief town clerk, in relation to an alleged offence of failing to disclose minutes of privileged council meetings to the public
  • [2012] – advising a local authority in relation to a major redevelopment and its effects on the rights of shop owners and market traders
  • Docdata Fulfilment Ltd. v Nowell [2011 and 2010] – Queen’s Bench Division – successfully representing Claimant in a freezing injunction application and civil fraud case
  • Blackheath Society v LB Lewisham & Nimby Events Ltd (8 day hearing during 2011) – appeal against the grant of an annual festival licence on Blackheath Common successfully defended on behalf of the local authority
  • R v Mohammed (Bilal, Dogar, Khan, Mohammed and Unan) [2009] Oxford Crown Court – 29 day trial – defending first defendant who was acquitted of the main offences of kidnapping.
  • [2009] – advising local authority in relation to the Lakanal House fire disaster in Camberwell
  • [2008] – Colchester Military Court Centre – 3 day court-martial successfully defending a Senior Aircraftman accused of a serious assault
  • [2008] – successfully petitioning the General Court-Martial to review sentence imposed in a different case against the same defendant at a court-martial at the Colchester Military Court Centre, following a guilty plea for wounding
  • Wilson v Ashley Law [2007] – successful contractual claim for commission on behalf of Claimant
  • R v Taylor and others [2007] – Reading Crown Court (9 day trial, 2 day trial and 7 day trial) – drugs conspiracy case-three trials – case severed twice – defence of only defendant who was acquitted
  • IMG v London Borough of Camden [2006] (4 day hearing) – appeal against variations of the licence for the Kenwood Concerts successfully defended on behalf of the local authority
  • Brown v First Security (Guard) Ltd. [2003] EAT/0364/03 LA – acting on behalf of the Respondent and successfully resisting an appeal to the Employment Appeals Tribunal, on the basis that letters did not constitute an originating application
  • Secretary of State for Trade and Industry v Leyton Housing Trustees Ltd. [2000] 2 BCLC 808 – Chancery Division – defending application by the Secretary of State to wind up six companies on the ground of public interest
  • Wheatley v Scottish & Newcastle PLC [2000] – application on behalf of victim of the Soho nail bombing
  • Re: Rayatt (A Bankrupt) [1998] B.P.I.R. 495 – case involving the retention public school fees by a bankrupt
  • Hibberd v DPP [1997] CLY 1251 – Divisional Court case on meaning of “lawful activity” in the offence of aggravated trespass

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Professional memberships

  • Professional Negligence Bar Association
  • Bar Pro Bono Unit
  • Association of Regulatory & Disciplinary Lawyers


  • 1987: BA Hons, Bristol University
  • 1991: BVC, Inns of Court School of Law

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