42BR Pupillage in London
A Successful Route to the Bar.

Applications for pupillage at 42BR are now open. For more information and to apply, please visit our page on the Pupillage Gateway here.

Pupillage is the final stage of the route to qualification at the Bar, in which a pupil gains practical training under the supervision of a experienced barristers. 

Who we are and what we are looking

We are a leading common law set, with over 120 members, specialising in five main practice areas including:

  • Business and Property
  • Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury
  • Employment
  • Family
  • Housing

Our Members of Chambers are instructed by a diverse range of solicitors on behalf of private clients, insurance companies, local government and other public authorities, as well as directly by clients themselves. We are looking for exceptional candidates who can demonstrate a high level of self-motivation, enthusiasm and intellectual ability, coupled with the social skills to communicate with, and on behalf of, a wide range of clients.

We welcome applications from candidates who have degrees in subjects other than law and are taking (or have taken) the GDL. A minimum of a 2:1 at degree level (or prediction of the same) is usually a requirement, as is a Very Competent for the BPTC (if commenced or completed).

Pupillage Structure at 42BR

Chambers aims to recruit one or two twelve-month pupils.

As a pupil at 42BR, pupillage is divided into two parts: the non-practising six months during which pupils shadow a pupillage supervisor; and the second, “practising” six months in which pupils may advise and exercise rights of audience on their own account.

Each pupil will be allocated at least three different pupil supervisors during the twelve month period, and at least two in their first six months, to ensure that they experience a broad a range of our work.

In the first six months of pupillage, we expect our pupils to gain experience in most of the areas 42BR has expertise in. This will include reading and working on papers, undertaking research, attending court, seminars, and conferences with their pupillage supervisors, and, where requested, taking notes. If a pupil has a particular interest in a specific area of our work, we  try and accommodate this where possible.

During the second-six, pupils can expect to appear in court in their own right around three times per week on average, and quite possibly more. The clerks take care to ensure that work is distributed fairly between our pupils to ensure they gain the experience they require.

Our pupillage supervisors will be on hand to support and encourage our pupils throughout their training year, as well as ensuring that a proper work/life balance is achieved.

All those who are called to the Bar must complete 12 months of pupillage before – at last – becoming fully qualified as a practitioner at the independent Bar or an employed barrister.

How 42BR assess our pupils

Throughout a pupillage at 42BR, pupils will be assessed on the core skills set out in the BSB Pupillage Handbook:

  1. Conduct and etiquette
  2. Advocacy
  3. Conferences and negotiations
  4. Drafting, paperwork and legal research

Chambers does not require its pupils to undertake formally assessed work or activities, nor does it require them to compete against each other. However, pupils will be informally assessed throughout their pupillage, in order to determine whether they demonstrate the relevant core skills. They will also be provided with detailed feedback on their work, to help them to improve.

Supervisors conduct regular meetings with their pupils to discuss any matters arising from pupillage or any feedback which has been given.

Formal feedback will be provided at the end of each placement.

Tenancy decisions are made within the last few months of pupillage. Tenancy is awarded based on the views and feedback of the pupil supervisors and other members of Chambers.

Pupillage Funding

Pupils who start with us in October 2024 will receive an award of £40,000, paid in monthly instalments, via direct debit.. In addition to this, we guarantee earnings (NB. not receipts) in the second six months of £15,000. Should our pupils not meet the minimum earnings of £15,000, they will receive a top-up from Chambers at the end of their pupillage.

42BR pay for any compulsory course that pupils are required to undertake.

The Application Process at 42BR

Applications are considered by the Pupillage Committee, who determined which applicants should be selected for interview.

Interview process

Our interview process is then in two stages. The first-round interview is very short; it only lasts about 10 minutes. Candidates are asked questions about what they are doing at present, what they hope to be doing in the future, and a couple of other questions which allow the interviewers to get to know the candidate better. Legal knowledge will not be assessed in this interview.

We then offer second round interviews to a shortlist of candidates. The second-round interviews are longer, usually around 30 minutes, and are based on a topic (provided shortly before the interview) which will be discussed with the panel during the first part of the interview. Candidates are then asked to consider some ethical problems, discuss what they consider the issues to be and their thoughts on how to best approach them.

Finally, candidates are offered an opportunity to ask questions of the panel.

When to apply

42BR is a member of the Pupillage Gateway, we do not accept applications by any other means.

The next application round will be for pupillages commencing in October 2024. The Pupillage Gateway application window opens on Wednesday 4th January 2023 and closes on Wednesday 8th February 2023. We will be adhering to this timetable.

Pupillage offers will be made through the Gateway system at on Friday 5th May 2023.


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