A day in the life at 42BR

If you are considering applying for pupillage at 42BR but would like to gain more of an insight into what a typical day in the life of some of our members may look like, look no further!

We asked five members of Chambers, ranging from our current pupils, to one of our silks, to document what a day in their life may include at different stages of a career at the bar.

A Day in the Life at 42BR

Firstly, we spoke to our two pupils, Karolina Zielinska and Max Montgomery, who provided us with an insight into the types of work they have observed during their first six, and their aspirations for their second six.

 Secondly, we asked Catrin Howells what a day in the life of a barrister in their first year of tenancy may look like.

Third, we asked experienced senior junior member, Gillian Crew, to describe what her practice in Employment law looks like. Gill also emphasised the importance taking care of yourself, particularly by finding time to exercise.

Lastly, we spoke to one of our silks, Damian Woodward-Carlton KC, who shares the reality's of balancing life with a busy career at the Bar.


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