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Employment Newsletter

Employment Newsletter

Nick Singer – Sexual harassment still a major problem at work

I have thankfully never witnessed sexual harassment at my own workplace, but the figures in the quote below are as concerning as they are astonishing. Employers can of course be held liable for the acts of their own employees subject to the…Read more

Nick Singer – Employers need to think about transgender employees

I was recently involved in an employment case, which involved the issues arising out of a man changing to a woman and in particular the use of toilets and managing the reaction of employees to the transition. Judgement is not out yet. I think this…Read more

Nick Singer – Pimlico Plumbers – I think it tells you more about the way the wind is blowing than it changes the law

I am not sure the Supreme Court Pimlico Judgment takes the law much further, although it remains to be seen how Tribunals read it. But it probably does tell you which way the wind is blowing. If I were an employer I would be very careful about…Read more

Nick Singer – Be careful when preparing a List of Issues for an Employment Tribunal

In the case of Scicluna v Zippy the Court of Appeal reaffirmed the principle that generally, where there is an agreed List of Issues before an Employment Tribunal, the parties are bound by them. Only exceptionally, it appears, can a Tribunal go…Read more

Iris Ferber – The Perils of Dismissing Senior Employees

Here’s a question: how do you sensitively handle the dismissal of a very senior employee on capability grounds? Answer: Don’t offer to call it “retirement”, unless you want to be sued for age discrimination. Mr Kelly was the 60-year-old Marketing…Read more

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An Introduction to Discrimination Law - for Housing Lawyers

42BR Barristers' Housing and Employment Groups are delighted to present the first two installments of our upcoming 'Introduction to Disability Discrimination Law for Housing Lawyers' events. Read more >

*POSTPONED* Digital Forensics in Family Law: Uncovering the Truth in the Digital Age

Join us in person or online for our latest Family Law event, exploring how digital forensics can impact family law proceedings. Read more >




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