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The 42 Bedford Row Family Law Group is delighted to invite you to join us in a series of short online video discussions, covering a wide range of topics.

Each will be shown by Zoom and there will be time for questions to be put to the presenters at the end of their 20-minute talks. 

Please e-mail events@42br.com indicating which session (or sessions) you would like to join.

Programme of events 

Thursday 14th May. 5pm

“The Psychology of Care Proceedings; Emotional harm and the interim removal of children in Care Proceedings”

George Butler, Barrister. Dr Ben Laskey, Chartered Psychologist.

Wednesday 27th May. 5pm 

“Child contact centres in lockdown and beyond” 

Anne Dillon, Barrister and Mediator and Vice-Chair of the National Association of Child Contact Centres. Elizabeth Coe, CEO of National Association of Child Contact Centres. 

Tuesday 9th June. 5pm

“Parental Alienation- the interface with public law  proceedings” 

Sharan Bhachu, Barrister, Sherma Polidore, family solicitor at Venters and Patricia Barry-Relph, ISW.

Tuesday 23th June. 5pm

Financial Remedies:  Pension Update 

James Sharpe, barrister, and Nigel Sloam  MA FIA ASA TEP, pensions expert and chair of the International Association of Consulting Actuaries, discuss recent developments including the effect of the pandemic on pension issues, the PAG report one year on, and the recent case of W v H EWFC [2020] B10'

Tuesday 7th July. 5pm

“Applying criminal law and procedure to police evidence in care proceedings”

Gemma Farrington, Barrister and Alison Pryor, Barrister.