Animal law: Past, present and possible future by Paul Fuller

Animal law: Past, present and possible future by Paul Fuller

Paul Fuller has written an article, published by the Barrister Magazine, discussing the past, present and future of animal law in the UK. 

Law firms and barristers’ chambers offering specialist animal law services are few and far between. They exist and are on the rise but are still a rare beast (pardon the pun). It may be that the paucity of service offerings in this field is due – in part at least – to the nebulous and disparate nature of animal law as a concept. That may be so, but isn’t the same true of many legal disciplines? Few would argue that property law encompasses a narrow and neatly confined set of principles, but you don’t have to look far to find lawyers and law firms willing to assist with your property related affairs.

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Paul Fuller

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Paul Fuller

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