Employment Newsletter

Employment Newsletter

Welcome to the latest roundup from our barristers at 42BR Barristers Employment Practice, with the latest news and unique insights from our team over the last month or so.

An employee is thinking of quitting? Whoever is involved write it all down! I link a good article here in the Independent, as to the options available when someone is thinking of quitting their job. I would add this. If things are going wrong at work, the employee and employer should keep a written record of the day to…Read more

What do you get if you cross confidential information with WhatsApp? A £38,000 fine.It’s no joke: an investment bank employee who boasted to a friend on WhatsApp, and disclosed confidential client information in the process, has been personally fined by the FCA.He was also subject to disciplinary proceedings by his…Read more

The EAT Hokey-Cokey Just when you thought it was safe to advise on the ET’s jurisdiction in wages claims…The EAT has overturned its recent decision in Agarwal, which had said that the construction of contract terms (implied or express) – in order to decide a wages…Read more

Statistically Insignificant? Does the voluntary approach work? A government backed review by Baroness McGregor- Smith has put under the spotlight the inequality faced by BMAE workers. Her recommendation in the face of such stark figures is that employers with more than 50 staff should publish statistics on…Read more

The flexible working debate goes on….. There is clearly a split as to whether employees think remote access is a good or bad thing. However, if one of the main complaints is the ability to switch off, then perhaps some employers might consider a ban on working outside of designated…Read more

The importance of considering adjustments for job applicants with Aspergers syndrome The EAT has upheld the decision of an ET which held that an employer discriminated against a person with Asperger’s syndrome. The employer did not make sufficient adjustments to an exam that all applicants had to take and thus put the candidate at…Read more

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