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A-Law Conference - AnimaLaw: visions for the future

A-Law Conference - AnimaLaw: visions for the future

Member's of 42BR's Animal Welfare Group are looking forward to attending A-Law's conference, AnimaLaw: visions for the future, to mark the 200 year anniversary of animal law (bicentenary anniversary of Martin's Act), next week.

The panels will be made up of distinguished speakers, including scientists, lawyers and advocates from around the globe who will be sharing their vision for the future of animal law and protection and panelists will look at what we have achieved, and ask where do we go from here to strengthen animal laws? Each day will focus on a different area and run from Monday 18th July to Friday 22nd July. 

Day 1: "About the animal. Reflecting science in law" 

Day 2: "Historic and contemporary perspectives on animal law" 

Day 3: "National and international representation of animals" 

Day 4: Parallel sessions on "Agricultural systems" and "The legal framework supporting the best welfare and protection" 

Day 5: "Education and young voices" 

For more information on the conference, click here.




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