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Sibling relationships and the sanctity of the adoptive family - the elephant in the room?

Sibling relationships and the sanctity of the adoptive family - the elephant in the room?

New research from Birkbeck's School of Law has found that despite strong professional recognition of the importance of sibling relationships - that they are ‘the most enduring’ or ‘longest-lasting’ relationships in most people’s lives - the significance attached to them in care and adoption proceedings is easily and routinely outweighed by other factors, putting them at risk of losing touch.

Dr. Jan Macvarish and Professor Daniel Monk will be presenting the findings of their year-long research project, conducted by researchers at the School of Law at Birkbeck, University of London and funded by the Nuffield Foundation. This is the first legal study to focus on sibling relationships in England and Wales. It explores what types of siblings are recognised in law (full, half, step, foster) and, through interviews with judges, lawyers, social workers and other professionals across the country, what emphasis is placed on the relationship in care and adoption decision making.

Damian Woodward-Carlton will also be speaking on this topic, following his article in Counsel Magazine on The adoption debate. Click here to read his article.

To book your place, please email events@42br.com

The seminar will be held on 6pm Thursday, 28th February 2019, The Bingham Room, First Floor, 8 South Square (under the bridge), Gray's Inn, London, WC1R 5ET. We look forward to seeing you on 28th February for the seminar, and for drinks and canapes afterwards, where you can meet members of the Family Law Group. 

Please note that there is no charge for this seminar. 

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