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Employment Newsletter

Employment Newsletter

Welcome to the latest roundup from our barristers at 42BR Barristers Employment Practice, with the latest news and unique insights from our team.

ET fees. What now? Yesterday employment practitioners up and down the land celebrated Unison’s victory in the Supreme Court but now as the news sinks the  judgment raises many questions.1.  How will the arrangements for repaying fees work?  In cases where the…Read more

Supreme Court quashes Employment Tribunal fees https://www.supremecourt.uk/cases/docs/uksc-2015-0233-press-summary.pdf The Supreme Court has found the Order introducing Employment Tribunal fees to be unlawful and discriminatory and is therefore quashed.  How quickly the government will react to…Read more

Well, it is the silly season… So I thought you might enjoy a very serious look at the office politics of… hugging. If you’re looking for an insight into the hugging culture of Canadian law enforcement, this is the article for you. Apparently, a hug “shows trust and…Read more

A major new source of whistle blowing. I think as pension auto enrollment marches on, we’ll see more whistleblowing as companies do not comply and find ever more elaborate methods to get round it. Given the stated aim of the government is to increase nationwide pension saving, I…Read more

Supreme Court continues to look to Europe to avoid discrimination The Supreme Court have today allowed the appeal of Mr Walker, a gay man, who argued that his husband should be entitled to receive his pension in the same way a hetrosexual couple would.  His employer refused to confirm it would pay a full spousal…Read more

Just when you were waiting for a new gig economy case…… two come along at once!This time, it is the turn of Addison Lee, the taxi and courier company, to fight their corner in the Central London Employment Tribunal against the GMB.The Union claims that Addison Lee drivers are workers, who have the…Read more

Is the game up? More businesses face ‘gig economy’ challenges The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain have gained another admission that individuals classified as ‘self employed’ are in fact workers.  This time it is couriers working for the Doctor’s Laboratory providing blood supplies to hospitals…Read more

Autism stereotypes, and how to avoid them This is a good article: light-hearted and easy to read, but also informative and engaging, about common autism misconceptions. And some nice GIFs, too! Read more

The worker’s revolution is on hold…..for now I had written before the election, about how both main parties were scrambling for worker votes by offering significant increases in worker protection. However, it appears much of that has now gone by the way side. There was very little of…Read more

The views of EU workers living in the UK – troubling reading Law Firm Baker McKenzie surveyed 250 EU citizens educated to degree level or higher. 56% said they were highly likely or quite likely to leave the UK before the end of Brexit talks. Moreover, as can be seen below, a very high % of them felt…Read more

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