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Webinar: How to maximise and defend high-value claims


In 2019/2020, average awards for the most common discrimination complaints were as follows:

Race - £9,801; Sex - £17,420; Disability - £27,043; Religious/Belief - £0; Sexual Orientation - £27,936 and Age - £38,794.

The highest award made in the same period were as follows: Race - £30,330; Sex - £73,619; Disability - £265,519; Religious - £0; Sexual Orientation - £96,645; and Age - £243,636.

If you are not startled by those figures, perhaps a reminder that in April 2020, the EAT upheld an award in the region of £4.7m by an ET, as damages in a disability discrimination claim. Although this is the exception, it serves as a useful reminder that compensation for discrimination is unlimited and can cover non-financial losses.

As the title subjects, this webinar explores what claimants and respondents can do to maximise or minimise respectively the level of compensation awarded by an ET.


Jude Shepherd, Barrister at 42 Bedford Row Chambers
Benjamin Uduje, Barrister at 42 Bedford Row Chambers

Learning Materials:

Download the lecture slides here.

This webinar can be viewed on our YouTube Channel here.